Q: You referenced white people not posting about Ferguson on Twitter earlier and it made me wonder about something. It seems that many subjugated groups hold the view that, in order to speak about an issue as an unaffected party (read: white), you only have legitimacy if you speak affirmatively to the subjugated party's view. Do you think that there's an inconsistency there, and if so, how should someone grapple with the tension between intellectual honesty and societal awareness?


you sayin’ minorities only take white people’s opinions seriously if they agree with us. you thinking this is a minority-only problem speaks volumes. people in general tend to side with opinions that affirm their beliefs, regardless of race.

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It's not just about Michael Brown: In past 10 days, cops have killed at least THREE unarmed citizens. A 4th charged with murder.



It’s not just Michael Brown.

It’s Ezell Ford of Los Angeles, unarmed and shot to death by cops in LA last week. “Diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression, Ford was taking medication and seeing a doctor, a family member said”

It’s Andrew Gaynier, an unarmed 26-year-old and father of a 19-month-old, killed by a police officer in Dallas August 11th.

It’s Dillon Taylor, a 20-year-old shot by cops a week ago Monday who was apparently unarmed. There’s no evidence he had a weapon and the cops still refuse to say if he did nine days after the shooting. (He almost certainly wasn’t armed. If he were, the cops would have released that info long ago).

And also in Utah, a local cop has recently been charged with murder for shooting an unarmed 21-year-old drug suspect while she was backing her car out of a parking space. Perhaps relevant, perhaps not: She was white.

In fact, the people shot dead in three of these four cases were white.

As Mark Steyn has pointed out,American cops kill far more citizens in the line of duty than any other Western police force. That doesn’t mean all—or even ANY—of those shootings were wrong, but it should cause everyone to ask some tough questions.  If you’re not even willing to ask those questions, you’re not “pro-cop,” you’re pro-ignorance.

If you really cared about police and supporting them, you’d want to know if we’re using the wrong police strategy. If you want citizens to respect the cops, you’d want the handful of cops who don’t respect us weeded out of the force.

But more importantly, if you’re willing to let government agents gun down your fellow unarmed citizens, you’re not worthy of the title “citizen.” You’re a serf, a ward of the state, a “comrade” in the old Soviet sense of the word.

Being a free citizen involves responsibility. It involves confronting authority. And it involves thinking for yourself. If you don’t want to do that, if you just want to blindly obey the government—move to Cuba.

Wow. This is coming from Michael Graham, a conservative talk show host in Atlanta who has previously been what I could only call excessively pro-cop.

Not long after this he also linked to a Reason.com piece about the “If you don’t want to get shot just do what I tell you” Op-Ed in Washington Post, to which Graham added:

How can (alleged) small-government conservatives not see the irony when they argue citizens should “just do what you’re told to, and nobody will get hurt?”




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This interactive map of paramilitary police raids is terrifying and depressing



New from me at The Week today:

This interactive map created by Washington Post journalist Radley Balko and the libertarian Cato Institute shows botched paramilitary police raids across the U.S. The map focuses on the use of heavily armed SWAT teams who use forced entry to storm homes unannounced, usually while inhabitants are sleeping. As many as 40,000 of these raids happen each year — most frequently as police become soldiers in the drug war, often against nonviolent offenders. Many end up targeting innocent civilians by accident. Family pets are frequent targets as well; by one estimate, police in the U.S. kill a pet, on average, every 98 minutes.

Click the image below for the full interactive version at Cato.


Unfortunately, the map is far from complete, as it is notoriously difficult to find large-scale data about police brutality. There are no national statistics on police shootings, for instance, though they occur on a regular basis. Since Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson on Aug. 9, police have killed unarmed civilians in Los AngelesSan JoseVictorville, California, and South Salt Lake, Utah.

 - - Bonnie Kristian

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Nardwuar vs. The Wu-Tang Clan

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Plaxico Burress: On the Gunshot That Changed His Life

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